Uyemura provides exceptional, problem-solving finishing technology solutions, including the broadest range of PCB finishes, ENIG, ENEPIG, ENAG, and much more. The performance of Uyemura ENEPIG is unsurpassed in forming highly robust solder joints with lead-free SAC-type alloys. The Uyemura ENEPIG process is an excellent solution for IC package PCB substrates, particularly ceramic-based SiP products. ENEPIG is also immune to the dreaded “black pad” problem. Palladium is plated onto the electroless nickel via chemical reduction, so there is no compromise of the electroless nickel layer.

Revolutionary copper chemistries supplied by Uyemura have gained wide acceptance for their superior performance, and ability to reduce costs related to environmental compliance and maintenance. Market-leading copper treatments from MEC Company LTD that are supplied by Uyemura include a microetching agent and a low-energy, environmentally favored OSP.

Whether your interest is high-performing PCB surface finishes, decorative black nickel, gold or diamond reflective finishes, or a direct plating electroless nickel for aluminum. Uyemura is eager to provide technologies to meet your needs.

Tech-Knowledge is the official distributor of Uyemura in Israel and provides full cover and technical support for their product line.

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