TAIYO AMERICA, INC. is a manufacturing subsidiary of Taiyo Holdings Co., Ltd.

Taiyo is the worldwide solder mask market leader. Since 1990, Taiyo has been exceeding the industry’s needs for solder mask and specialty inks. Taiyo’s products have a reputation worldwide for proven performance, outstanding quality and extensive end-user acceptance.

Taiyo America offers a full line of colors and finishes in its PSR-4000 family that can be applied by screen-printing, spraying and curtain coating. In addition, thermal-cure and UV-cure solder masks, legend inks, specialty dielectric inks and via filling or via plugging inks for use with microvia and build-up technologies are also available.

No matter what your application requirements are, Taiyo will meet your coating requirements. New offerings from Taiyo America include dielectric and conductive ink products for producing solar cells and inks that are applied with inkjet technology for traditional legend and printed electronics applications.

Taiyo’s Global R&D team continues to bring state-of-the-art products to the electronics, solar, lighting, display and printed battery industry niches.

Tech-Knowledge is the official distributor of Taiyo in Israel and provides full cover and technical support for their product line.

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