Posalux, based in Switzerland, is a privately owned company, concentrated on the development and industrialization of high-technological machines which are dedicated for mass production.

With a passion for Micromechanics, combined with accuracy and Swiss reliability, Posalux operates worldwide since more than half a century, sales and after-sales support guaranteed.

The swiss innovation and the company’s expertise for micro-technologies, with over 40 years of experience in nozzle and PCB micro drilling, makes the Posalux a leading manufacturer for flexible and productive PCB drilling and routing systems.

The UltraSpeed machines, introduced worldwide in 1997 and became an exemplar for PCB drilling and routing. The highest level in accuracy, productivity, reliability, and flexibility are the characteristics which set off the UltraSpeed from the competition. These technological strengths led Posalux to their line of UltraSpeed machines for the machining of aluminum and non-ferrous materials. Through constant technological advancements, the UltraSpeed machine family can answer the ever-increasing requirements in the most diverse and most advanced application areas.

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