Poly Dispensing Systems


Poly Dispensing Systems (PDS) is a specialist in industrial dosing systems.

PDS is a French company which markets a very wide range of proven and successful equipment of dispensing. Distributed in more than 20 countries in the world, its equipment bring to the numerous users of the perfectly adapted solutions, to improve technically their manufacturing and to reduce the costs.

Our specialty is to deposit or dose a fluid precisely and repeatably during the manufacturing process.

Aware that the fluids are unstable and variable natures functions of thermal, humidity … PDS offers you the choice between time pressure and volumetric concepts for each type of application.

Convinced that our expertise must be complete, we provide you with the tools to prepare your fluid (mixing and degassing), to dose it (doser, consumables, valves) and to bake it after dosing (UV polymerization).

With PDS, you choose :

  • To improve your productivity,
  • To lower production costs thanks to a control and a regularity of the dispense to obtain a reduction of your consumptions of products,
  • To organize and to simplify the manipulation of products and so to reduce the risks.

Tech-Knowledge is the official distributor of Poly Dispensing Systems in Israel and provides a full cover and technical support for their dosing equipment. Tech Knowledge also offers epoxy and silicone adhesives and materials to offer our customers a complete solution for each application.

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