TK Lab – Reliability Testing Services

Since 2012, Tech Knowledge offers laboratory testing services, that includes a wide range of tests, inspection and certification services, in-house and in collaboration with leading laboratories abroad.

TK Lab serves a range of industries, including Aerospace, Defense, Telecom, and Energy. In these markets, we offer comprehensive reliability testing services, such as:

  1. HATS™ (High Accelerated Thermal Shock) – Failure Analysis and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Testing
    Physical, mechanical, electrical, visual/dimensional testing and verification at the bare board level, on raw materials and assembled PCBA’s. This includes evaluation to both military and commercial standards including IPC certifications and test methods MIL-PRF-55110, MIL-PRF-31032, MIL-P-50884, ASTM and IEC.

    HATS™ Plated-through Hole Reliability Testing Technology has been recognized and utilized since 2003. The HATS™ system developed to emulate traditional air-to-air test methods, while significantly reducing the drawbacks of traditional methods.The test uses a single chamber in which high volume hot and cold air pass stationary samples. The high volume airflow provides rapid thermal transfer to the device-under-test (DUT), and reduces the time for the DUT to reach temperature equilibrium. This greatly reduces the time required for each cycle, and the stationary samples easily configured to a high-speed precision resistance-sampling network.The HATS™ test systems meets the test parameters of:
    MIL-STD-202; Method 107 and IPC-TM-650; Test Method 2.6.7 for thermal shock and continuity for printed boards.The HATS™ system has a maximum and minimum temperature capability of 160°C and -55°C, respectively. With a complete chamber load of 36 coupons, the system has a temperature transition rate of 26°C per minute. The system acquires precision resistance data from the test coupons.The HATS™ tester performs 1000 cycles of 36 coupons/144 nets in less than a week.

    • Temperature cycles from -55°C to +160°C
    • 36-Coupon chamber capacity
    • Automatic generation of through-hole, blind, buries and stacked via structures
    • Reduced testing costs over dual-chamber systems
    • Reduce cycle times by 50%-80%
    • Detailed test report including notched-box plots and Weibull analysis
    • Test coupons automatically generated and artwork sent via e-mail. Click to visit the HATS™ Coupon Generator
  2. Electronic and Electrical Testing
    Electrical testing and analysis of electronics and printed circuit board (PCB).
  3. Mechanical Testing
    Tensile test machines, impact testers, bend and fatigue machines and computers with state-of-the-art programmable software to run programs for clients in industries such as electronics, composites, plastics, aerospace, automotive, medical, commercial and defense.
  4. UL & Product Safety Testing
    Fully Certificated under UL’s Third-Party Test Data Program (TPTDP) and Client Agent Program (CAP) providing full Engineering, Administrative, and Testing Services to provide customers with the dedicated resources and knowledge to achieve UL Recognition.
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