UV and UV Hybrid Adhesives


EPO-TEK® offers an exclusive line of high performance UV curing adhesives based on both epoxy as well as acrylate systems. Their unique UV formulations provide superior performance with short cure times for a wide variety of applications. Many of their novel epoxy/UV formulations can be further enhanced by thermal post curing.


  • UV + Thermal Post Cure (typically 80-150°C) for Enhanced Performance:
    Epo-Tek OG116, Epo-Tek OG116-31, Epo-Tek OG142-87, Epo-Tek OG142-95, Epo-Tek OG142-112, Epo-Tek OG159-2, Epo-Tek UJ1190
  • UV + Thermal Post Cure (typically 80-150°C) for Shadow Curing:
    Epo-Tek OG198-54, Epo-Tek OG198-55
  • UV Cure Only:
    Epo-Tek OG133-8, Epo-Tek OG142, Epo-Tek OG154-1


  • UV Cure Only:
    Epo-Tek OG603, Epo-Tek OG653, Epo-Tek OG675

UV Hybrid

Epoxy Technology (Epotek) has developed a New Line of epoxy-based, UV Hybrid chemistry adhesives. These new, “state-of-the-art” formulations allow for improved handling and process control by utilizing both UV and thermal curing. Tacking can be done in seconds, followed up by heat; giving both speed and strength to the process. What is a UV Hybrid? Epoxy/UV Hybrids are novel materials that combine the robustness of an epoxy with the speed of a UV tack. These adhesives will UV tack in seconds for alignment, positioning, handling & flow control, followed by a heat cure. This type of product is ideal for alignment in precision optics.

Benefits of a UV Hybrid adhesive:

  • Overall process improvement
  • Lower stress and less shrinkage
  • Increased thru-put on expensive alignment machines
  • Esier handling
  • Tack free in seconds
  • 85°C/85%RH resistance, comparable to Epo-Tek 353ND

Current Product Listing for EPO-TEK ® UV Hybrid Adhesives:

  • Epo-Tek HYB-353ND-LV, Epo-Tek HYB-353ND, Epo-Tek HYB-353ND-HV, Epo-Tek HYB-353ND-TX2, Epo-Tek HYB-353ND-TX3

UV Hybrid Development

Additional UV Hybrid products are in development and testing; including Room Temperature Cure and Thermally Conductive Hybrids.


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