Ultrasonic Laserbonder

The combination of ultrasonic bonding and laser welding offers you the best of both worlds. It is ideal for package interconnects in power modules and for battery pack assembly. Aluminium, copper or nickel ribbons are welded by laser energy at low bond forces. The process offers a larger range of choice in very diverse joining materials, compared to ultrasonic bonding. As a further advantage, it is very easy to automate.


  1. The best of both worlds: Combination of laser welding and wirebonding
  2. Larger connection cross-sections than with ultrasonic wirebonding
  3. Compensation for XYZ positional tolerances
  4. No damage to bonded parts thanks to low clamping forces
  5. Low requirements for surface quality of joined parts
  6. Ideal for cell connections in battery packs
  7. Ideal for package interconnects and terminals of power modules
  8. Quality monitoring during laser welding process
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