Manual Bonder with semi automatic process and Wafer Handling capabilities

The T-5300-W version offers the same flexibility as the T-5300 with the added benefit of being able to handle wafers with Tresky’s electric die ejection system, which is located under the main table located. The system has all the basic features to run the most advanced applications in the industry. For this you can add a wide range of available options. Like all Tresky products, the T-5100-W includes True Vertical Technology™, which guarantees parallelism between chip and substrate at any connection height. Along with superior ergonomics, the platform is the industry’s most advanced system in its class and is even easier to use with the new intuitive software.

The T-5300-W version features the same flexibility than the T-5100 and has the additional advantage of handling a wafer of up to 200mm which sits below the main table with Tresky’s elctrical die ejection system.

Typical and customized applications:

• Die sorting from wafer into waffle packs or gel packs
• Die attach with adhesive (stamped or dispensed)
• 3D packaging of MEMS, MOEMS, VCSEL, Photonics, …
• High-precision placement with visual adjustment by beam-splitter unit for look-up inspection of
edges, corners or patterns, e.g. for laser bars
• Flip-Chip with ultrasonic die attach
• Flip-Chip with adhesives or anisotropic foils
• Sensor assembly
• UV curing of die attach
• Eutectic bonding of AuSi, Copper Pillar and others
• Ultrasonic bonding on a curved surface

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