Solder Masks for Printed Circuit Boards
  • Liquid Photo Imageable (LPI) Solder Masks
    • PSR-4000BN Series – Best In Class for Small Hole Clearing
    • PSR-4000CC01SE – TGIC-Free, I-907 – Free
    • PSR-4000GP01EU Series – Meets Aerospace Outgassing Requirements
    • PSR-4000HFXSatinSeries- LPI
    • PSR-4000LDI(US) – For LASER Direct Imaging (LDI) Exposing
    • PSR-4000MP Series – Excellent Solder Ball Resistance
  • Specialty LPI Solder Masks
    • PSR-4000AUS5 – Designed for Packaging Applications
    • PSR-4000AUS703 – Designed for Flip Chip Packaging Applications
    • PSR-4000LEW1(US) – Brilliant White for LED Applications
    • PSR-4000LEW7S – White color, Halogen free
    • PSR-4000SW01TA – Superior Color Retention through Assembly
  • UV and Thermal Cure Solder Masks
    • S-222NA(402LV)- Thermal Cure Solder Mask
    • UVR-150G – UV Cure Solder Mask, Single Component
    • UVR-150(TU)- UV Cure Touch Up Ink for PSR-4000 HFX, Single Component
  • Solder Masks for Flexible Printed Circuits
    • FOC-800(USA)- Designed for Flexible Substrates
    • PSR-9000FXT Series – Designed for Flexible Substrates
    • Low Warpage
    • PSR-9000LDI- For LASER Direct Imaging (LDI) Exposing
  • Hole Filling / Gap Filling Products
  • Legend Inks
  • Etch / Plating Resist Products
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