Series 56
Desktop Micro Factory Wire Bonder

The series 56XX is completely unique on the world market. No other supplier comes even close to offering the features of this bonder: all wire bond processes thanks to exchangeable bond heads; convertibility to pull and shear testers; programmable for fully automatic operation; optional pattern recognition unit.

This machine stays forever young because it grows with the requirements and the technology. The best way to protect your investment.

Technical Details

Universal base with integrated PC-navigation and Ethernet-connection, Windows-based Bonder software extremely intuitive programming; Single Bond mode for setting individual bonds (manually or automatically) and for repairing; Multi-wire mode for the bonding of complete devices manually or automatically.
All bonding parameters can be programmed for any number of bonds or bumps.
Programmed wires are shown schematically on the screen and can be selected and grouped with the mouse.
Numerous programmable Loop forms with automatic correction after adjustment by the operator or (optional) image recognition.
Workspace of the mechanical stage 100×100 mm, 60 mm z-stroke.
Each bond head includes a miniature color camera for positioning the bonding tool with adapted optics for optimal magnification. The bond head can rotate 360 degrees, so that the workpiece does not have to be rotated.

The different bonding and test heads can be replaced in minutes by the operator:

  • 5610 Thin Wire-Bonder for Gold-Ball-Bonding
  • 5630 Thin Wire-Bonder for Wedge-Wedge-Bonding
  • 5632 Deep-Access-Bonder for wire and ribbon
  • 5650 Heavy Wire-Wedge-Bonder for Alu- and Cu-wires
  • 5650HR Wedge-Bonder for heavy Aluminium-Bändchen


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