Pneumatic Dispensers

The footswitch dispensers are designed to put down quantities of products visibly measurable.

From the applicator with constant flow to the time-pressure dispenser, without forgetting our data-entry system  of piece, our entire,  sustainable, strong and guaranteed range 5 – 10 years  allows us to answer exactly to your application in both technical and financial terms.

Designed to distribute quite typical of mixtures (fluid liquids and thick pulps), the series of time – pressure  dispensers (pneumatic or electro pneumatic) Air – Pulses raise a simple structure, for an easy use. Multi-purpose and strong, the range presents models provided with digital clocks for an optimal constancy. Choosing PDS dispensers is the insurance of continuous savings from the installation and for a long term goal.

Equipment certified compatibles with all types of industrial substances: glues, fats, lubricants, solder paste, solvents, silicones, ink, activators, RTV, paintings, UV, foodstuffs, medical products.

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