Optilex II
Post Etch Punch

Optiflex II AUTO is a high-accurate innerlayer punching machine to process innerlayers with panel thickness down to 50 µm.

An intelligent transport system with synchronized transport belts and vacuum shuttle, leads to minimal mechanical impact of the transported panel. The alignment is being made by high-accurate XYPhi unit and 2 CCD cameras. MANU and SEMI versions are equipped with manual pre-alignment by CCD or edge alignment. Up to 8 CCD cameras are possible for the punching unit in connection with fixed tooling for best possible hole quality. Depending on layout, panel mix and thickness, double tooling with different cutting clearence and additional air support for thicker panels (>0.8 mm) might be required.

A modern and intuitive control including SPC function fulfills the functionality of the high-end inner layer punch Optfilex II.


  • Fixed tooling for best punch quality
  • Pneumatic drive of the punch tools for clean process
  • No oil in machine room
  • High-accurate alignment with up to 8 CCD cameras
  • Panel formats from 16 x 12“ up to 28 x 24“ (optional: 38 x 24“)
  • Fully-automatic process including synchronized transport belts and vacuum-shuttles including interface for loader and unloader
  • Panel thickness down to 50 µm
  • RBG ring light for recognition of fiducials on different surfaces (optional)
  • New and “state of the art” GUI with integrated SPC data handling
  • Easy and intuitive control
  • Cycle time with up to 6-7 panels/min (thin panels <100 µm max. 5-6 panels/min)

Available versions

  • AUTO – fully automtatic system with automatic inlet and outlet
  • SEMI – semi-automatic system with manual inlet and automatic outlet
  • MANU – manual system with manuel inlet/outlet
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