Flexible, manual or automatic multilayer flash cutting concept

Our flexible multilayer flash cutting concept is developed in a modular design and is expandable up to a fully automatic version. It meets all current and future demands of multilayer processing. This modular concept is suitable for small as well as for large production series. Expansion stages range from manual function to automatic loading and unloading by a 6-axes robot. Several additional options can be integrated into the machine or be chosen as external processing options such as corner rounding or resin hole deburring. Positioning the multilayer centrally on the vacuum processing table in the manual machine is done either by an adapter plate or a pin system. In the automatic machine this positioning is done with one or two 6-axes robot(s) by a CCD-camera system.

The MBM can also be integrated to a Schmoll XRI drilling machine into a complete processing line. All parameters relevant for production are immediately available and can be changed and optimized at any time and very quickly by the operator.

Typical applications

  • Multilayer flash cutting
  • Cutting
  • Profiling
  • Cutter speed 1.000-6.000 r/min

Machining quality

  • Ball screw drives in all axes
  • The extremely robust welded construction with cast concrete ensures high-precision machining results


  • Adapter plate
  • Registration pins
  • CCD camera system


  • CCD camera system for multilayer registration
  • Cutter speed 12.000 r/min
  • 6-axes robot: automatic loading
  • 6-axes robot: automatic unloading
  • Corner rounding
  • Resin-hole deburring
  • PCB cleaning
  • Laser thickness measurement
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