Bi-Component Gun

Bi-component dosing guns are an efficient method of dosing reactive substances, such as adhesives and sealants.

Bi-component dosing guns : A range that meets your needs

The use of two-component dosing guns and static mixers has proved to be an effective method for the determination of reactive substances, such as adhesives and sealants.

In recent years, production has increased dramatically with the increase in the use of dosing guns in all types of industries. POLY DISPENSING SYSTEMS ™ now offers the widest range of two-component dosing guns in the world: over 60 models designed for use with twin cartridges from manufacturers all over the world.

Thanks to its partnership with PC COX ™, POLY DISPENSING SYSTEMS ™ offers you a complete range of more than 60 hand, pneumatic or electrical applicators, ranging from the smallest to the largest, to meet the needs of the industry . Perfectly reviewed for greater ergonomics and robustness, the A and B series will soon replace the current range. Never before has the dosage of two-component sealants been so simple.


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