Argus 9524S Single-Sided HVLP Spray Unit

Applications include spraying primary resist, cadmium chloride, copper acetate, and several other sprayable chemistries used for solar panel processes. The 9524S can spray solar panels ranging from 6 to 24 inches wide with an optional maximum width of 26.5 inches. Panels of any length are coated precisely, with controlled thickness and uniform coverage. The wide operation window, userfriendly touch screen interface, and simplicity of access for cleaning and maintenance make the Argus 9524S Single-Sided HVLP Spray Unit an excellent choice for Thin Film Coating.

Argus International’s spray technology has been proven by our customer base to be superior to other methods of spray coating applications. A single traversing spray head enhances efficiency by reducing setup time and machine maintenance. High Viscosity Low Pressure (HVLP) Heated Gun Technology allows use of high-solids for increased efficiency, less material waste, and minimized environmental impact.

The Argus 9524S Single-Sided HVLP Spray Unit utilizes advanced spray technology to apply uniform coatings to solar panels. This is accomplished by sweeping the heated gun across the solar panel at high speeds as the solar panel passes through the spray chamber on a continuously moving edge contact conveyor. This provides an efficient, reliable system which minimizes over-spray and produces a continuous, conveyorized throughput of the coated solar panels.

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