Polyimide Nonwoven Aramid Laminate and Prepreg

85NT is a pure polyimide laminate and prepreg system (Tg=250°C), reinforced with a non-woven aramid substrate. 85NT combines the high-reliability features of polyimide (improved PTH reliability and temperature stability) with the low in-plane (X,Y) expansion and outstanding dimensional stability of the aramid reinforcement.


  • Low in-plane (X,Y) CTE of 7-9 ppm/°C allows attachment of SMT devices with minimal risk of solder joint due to CTE mismatch
  • Nonwoven aramid reinforcement provides outstanding dimensionalstability and enhanced registration for improved multilayer yields.
  • Decomposition temperature of 426°C, compared with 407°C for pure polyimide, offering outstanding high-temperature processing stability
  • Aramid reinforcement results in PCBs typically 25% lighter in weight than glass-reinforced laminates
  • Laser and plasma ablatable for high speed formation of microvias and other features as small as 25µm (µ0.001”)
  • Electrical and mechanical properties meeting the requirements of IPC-4101/53
  • Compatible with lead-free processing

Typical Applications:

  • Military and commercial avionics, missiles and missile defense, satellites, and other high-reliability SMT applications requiring low in-plane (X,Y) CTE values
  • PCBs that are subjected to high temperatures during processing, such as lead-free soldering, HASL
  • Applications with significant lifetimes with elevated temperature cycling, such as aircraft engine instrumentation, on-engine applications, or industrial sensors



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