The technical seminar Tech Knowledge hosted was very enjoyable. We got exposed to new materials and learned about them, which will help us going forward.

We are deeply impressed by the company and its wonderful team. The warm hospitality, and personal attention to each and every one of the attendees did not go unnoticed. Thank you very much for everything.

Yona Gamliel PCB Team Manager, MLM Division, Israel Aerospace Industry (IAI)

Elop - Elbit Systems has been working with Tech Knowledge for many years now. Part of our activities includes HATS PCB reliability testing services, equipment for production and R&D, as well as technical consultation regarding choosing and specing raw materials, such as Isola.

I must say that their service is always very professional and caring. Especially, working with Yaakov is a pleasure and in high technical level. Thanks to their efficient and professional service I am always happy to work and consult with them.

Levy Benjamin Engineering & Production PCB Technologist, Elop - Elbit Systems

Eltek enables Israeli innovation in the defense, aerospace, medical and hi-tech industries. To do so we need local partners that will bring to us the right materials and the newest innovative machinery and equipment from around the world. For over thirty years, our partnership with Tech-Knowledge has significantly supported the Israeli industry, enabling us to provide the optimal solutions for our customers and lead the technology in Israel, as we do today.

Tech-Knowledge serves as a significant anchor, which always provides us with professional wide-ranging service and support offered by their dedicated technical and logistical teams.

Roberto Tulman Deputy CEO, Eltek

Reputable representation of world leading suppliers for materials, adhesives, and equipment for our varied industry. Their professional team, with their vast experience, offers outstanding service, rapid availability and helpful guidance and consulting, utilizing the manufacturers whenever necessary.

Rodi Grimberg Optical Products R&D, ColorChip

Happy to express my gratitude for the Tech Knowledge team for their dedicated and professional service and support. Over the years we have received from their team support and guidance on a variety of technical issues – on materials, processes, equipment, working methods, etc. Their devoted support and know-how assist the electronics industry in Israel tremendously.

I had the opportunity to participate in several professional seminars, initiated and organized by Tech Knowledge, which are characterized by their professionalism, exemplary organization, and therefore a large quality audience from all key electronics companies in Israel.

Tech Knowledge has an impressive management and technical team, which consist of talented and professional people that deserve commendation and appreciation for their in-depth activities in the Israeli market.

Herzlich Pinchas Technologist, Elbit Systems - Elisra

Tech Knowledge is our key supplier, that represents the leading manufactures in the materials and equipment worlds, which are crucial for the PCB fabrication industry.
Over the many years of working together we enjoyed their professional, dedicated and customer-oriented service and support, both technically and logistically.

Shlomi Danino Project Development Manager, PCB Technologies